Category: About Us Written by Lilian Kather

Early Childhood

I was born and raised  in Uganda, in a single parent household, the 8th child in a family of 11 children. Since my mother never got a chance to go to school, after losing our father when we were still young, she worked hard to make sure we have a good future; but because we were many, we grew up in an environment of poverty and hardships.

Break Down

I dropped out of school after my Ordinary level of education because of lack of school fees
I decided to leave my family and moved on to Kampala and started working.
Life wasn’t all that easy because the little money I was getting, i still had to use some to  care of my family in the village especially my mother.
My faith was in God and indeed he adopted me and guided me at all times.

Tears could fill my eyes whenever I saw people suffering with poverty because such conditions take me back to my early days of my childhood So I decided to bring some homeless people to my house and I started taking care of them which changed my life and whenever I could come back from work and find them happy, that would give me a lot of joy and put a smile on my face though my income wasn't all that much but I could share it with them and my family, and pay school fees for those in school.

Big Dreams

My dream was to start an orphanage home in future so that I can give some help to people who are going through the same situations I went through and suffering just like the way I was. 

one day I had a dream when the voice called me by name in the middle of the night and told me to start up an orphanage, I cried because I didn't have the money and resources to start an orphanage but by Gods grace he worked everything out for me until everything was as I wanted 

 Words of Hope

I want to encourage all the single mothers that you can make it; if you only set a goal, focused and with a lot of determination.
You can make it if you don't look back to the past, but put all your trust in God. My mother made it, and I believe you can do the same if you believe in yourselves.

Lilian Kather

Founder of smiling world ministries  organization